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Are you sick or you’re in pain, why run around when you are not feeling well, you won’t want a situation when you will have to wait in a long queue at doctors office before doctor can attend to you. Relax,  there is a better solution to ease your stress. You don’t need to wait at doctors office again, let doctor come to meet you at your home instead. Our medical officers are fully licensed, qualified and specialist, they can takecare of you from home  and access your condition. our medical officers can also diagnose and provide treatment to your family at the comfort of your home.

About us

We are fully Singapore based owned and managed medical service provider throughout Singapore. Our medical office are available to attend to your call anytime. Our mission is to provide high quality and stress-free medical care in the home setting. We provide service or regular medical care ( for patient who are non-ambulatory but need mobility, such that they are unable to work to the nearby medical facility) and emergency medical care for patient who are too weak or unable to get medical care at nearby). Unlike any doctors out there, we have office support and logistics technology to attend to necessitous visits when needed and well experienced in dealing with the challenges of providing medical care at home.

Why you should use house call doctor

People who needs a regular GP

It is important for everyone to have a regular GP for their basis health care. We provide home service on behalf of your GP and will provide you a follow up ASAP. Incase you have a condition that your GP is closed and you urgently need a doctor. You can contact our House call doctor.

When regular clinics are closed, we here for you.

Our medical staff are available are at your service 24/7 including weekend and during public holidays.

How it works and how we operate

Getting our treatment and medical assistant is fast, simple and easy with our service.

You can easily book our House Call Doctor with 3 simple step by calling, booking through our customized app or through booking online. Our medical office will dispatch at your door step once your booking is confirm by any of ours consultants.

Our House doctors are accompanied by another staff as chaperone to drive our Doctor to their appointment and to assist them where necessary. The chaperone also call ahead to give an estimate of our arrival and will keep you updated if there is any changes.

Our house doctor accompanied by chaperone will arrive at your home within a couple of a minutes depending on your location, to access your complain, diagnose you properly and provides you enough medication or with a prescription where required.

Our Doctor will provide enough medication that can get youthrough, or until your pharmacy opens and will provide with a prescription incase you might need it.

After our treatment, we sent your report to your regular GP ASAP to give them an update on your condition and treatment we provided in their absence. This help your regular doctor to track your condition in other to know how to continue or adjust their treatment if necessarily. And as well, serves as a record of your medical history.

Since our Doctors are fully  licensed and highly trained specialist. You will start feeling better immediatelyafter being treated by any of our home visiting doctors or medical office, just relax we got you covered.

Since there is no other place we feel safe and more comfortable than our home. Have you also thought about been treated at home too. If thereshould be any reason why you should use our House Call Doctor, we think it should be because you can rest easily and relax while waiting patiently for our doctors to arrive, and this alone can help our treatment to be more effective and make you recover quickly.

Althoughwe can’t guarantee exact time to reach your house, but we can assure you that we will get to you ASAP within a couple of minutes or hours depending on your home location.

All our home visiting medical officers are highly qualified and licensed medical expertises training in home visiting care, ensuring that patient get standard treatment and assistance they need.

Back form your work place, having some feelings that you are not feeling so well. Our medical officers are available all night to provide you the treatment you want all time. Our House call doctor is always at your service from 6 PM until 8 AM everyday except on Sunday and public holiday that we do operate 24 hour service.

Our home visiting doctor can only treat variety of conditions and aliments that are classified as non-life threatening or isn’t emergency. Wide variety of conditions and aliments that we deals with include-

  • Post-operative care – includes wound care, catheterisation etc.
  • Sprains, neck and back pain
  • Minor lacerations and trauma
  • Rashes and infections
  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Asthma
  • Migraines and headaches
  • UTIs
  • Gastro

What our clients saying

  • Dr Wong was very professional,knowledgeable and friendly. He reach my doorstep on time and diagnosing my condition and suggested the best options for me. Thank you so much!
    David Lee
  • Dr Lee was very professional and caring doctor. I am extremely happy with the in-door treatment. He also give me a follow up call the next day. Very responsible. Thanks Dr Lee!
    Aifen Ong

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